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96 add

European cities?

They say European cities are available but they arent. What the sense of this

Cant even sign in

Unable to enter my telephone number

phone number dont fit

my phone number dont fit

Update pls

Cant verify my number? app needs a update asap!

Trash app

It crashed and played me


This is the worst ever and explains why I only by from Nike... Yzyszn

This by far is the worst sneaker app in existence. I drive from Baltimore to Philly for a reservation. The app glitched and shut down my IOS software. 1.5 drive for this bs to occur. Crock of slow boiled

First time using in Miami

Sucked. Horrible. Waited the countdown for entire hour, took the day off work, put phone on do not disturb and wifi connected, still struck out. Kanye/adidas needs a better idea to help the less unfortunate get a pair of yeezys. And maybe if Kim didnt give all her friends PAIRS with a fat S then maybe some of us who dont hack or use bots can actually get lucky. MAKE MORE PAIRS. TURN YEEZYS INTO AIR FORCE 1S I WANNA SEE THEM EVERYWHERE


Trash. Need I say more? Trash.


This app is garbage trash and proves how elite Nike is. All adidas did with this was make themselves look stupid.

Weakass app

Trash app

a total mess

This app is the worst release app ever programmed. Just a unfortunate waste.

Would rate a 0 if App Store allowed

App is complete basura. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Useless app period

This app is just useless... Adidas needs to fix this piece of sh*t app immediately .


App is terrible at handling traffic. Ill never own a pair of yeezys for retail.


It doesnt make it easier to get Yeezys at all,instead of using a raffle system,its FCFS.Pointless to even try because it freezes up when its actually time to try.Good idea,absolutely terrible execution


Youre kidding, right?


Useless app, Nike will always be on TOP of them

Crap app

When it was supposed to work, it didnt.. Based off what its supposed to do, it failed miserably


Do better this app is trash

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